Clara Jean Design is a mother daughter duo, Shauna Little and Afton Harding. Theyve combined their talents to create a surface design business. Shaunas strength is clothing design and Afton,  a talented artist.

Their work together germinated in one gestalt moment. Why dont we team up and see what happens? Afton started painting and using Adobe Photoshop and Shaunat aught herself the rigors of Adobe Illustrator and began to paint. The best designs were made into into clothing, pillows, and tote bags and other triali tems.

Using Spoonflower to print their designs onto textiles, they quickly evolved their definitive style. We think our designs create an upbeat mood.

Their unique process is what makes all of their prints 100 percent original. They start by painting (usually) or drawing a design. When they are happy with the results, the design is then scanned and dropped into Ai or Photoshop. The design is manipulated into a pleasing pattern and then loaded onto Spoonflower. The fabric is ordered, and when received, gone over carefully, ensuring the print is flawless.

Their biggest inspiration is the amazing world around us. Shaunas best designs are impressionistic, as she admires the work of Monet. Afton studied Art History in college and uses many of the masters work for design inspiration. Both, avid shoppers themselves, they pick up quality trends to make their business more marketable.

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