PAMELA JANE MORGAN, aka Pammie Jane, is a quilter, author, illustrator, and photographer. While Pamela dabbles in many artforms and has had a variety of creative jobs, she has found that her passion lies in surface pattern design and textiles. She comes from a long line of sewists and artists and began quilting as a creative outlet while pregnant with her first child.

Pamela draws her inspiration from the world around her, especially from her cats. She is a self-described maximalist and crazy cat lady. Her work comes alive with texture and colors galore. He love of flora and fauna plays a prominent role in her artwork.

Pamela is the author of Purr-fect Patchwork, available now from C&T Publishing. Her work has also been featured in quilting magazines, shows, and websites. When shes not creating, Pamela enjoys binging ridiculous comedies and true crime TV, collecting all kinds of vintage junk, and snuggling her furry friends. She lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho, with her husband, four children, and enough pets to start her own zoo.  


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